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Zombie Beautiful Makeover

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  • Zombie Beautiful Makeover

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    Maybe I could get away for a few minutes tomorrow at lunch. Sounds like fun. Okay, good. Good night. Hey. Did I wake you up? Who was that? Who are you talking to? What? Game Who are you on the phone with? Game My sponsee. Really? At : in the morning? Yeah, he was calling to check in. Can I see your phone? Are you serious? Game You don’t want me to see your phone? Game No, and I resent you asking me to see it. Which makes me think that you’re hiding something. You know what, Phoebe? This isn’t gonna work without a little bit of trust. Game Let me see your phone. Game No. Game Give me your phone. Game No. Game Just give me your phone. Game I’m not letting you Game Just give me the in’ phone. Happy? Game What’s going on with you? Game What’s going on with you, Adam? What is going on? I feel like you’re starting to pull away from me. I mean, am I crazy? Yeah, you’re right, I know. So are you gonna talk to me about it? Yeah. I guess, you know Game For me, for so long, you know, was, like, this secretive chase for a fix, right? And now, with us, it’s really hard for me to connect that to something that’s loving and intimate and real. And it’s not you. What? Game What? Game I just don’t Game I don’t know if I can do this. Why? Why not? What do you mean? We can do it. We just have to do the work. Do the work? Adam, we just met. I mean, this is crazy. We should be in the honeymoon phase. What do you mean honeymoon? Where do you get that from? What, did you read that in a book? I think that I might Game Game What? Game Need someone who’s healthier. Game Healthier? Game Or not healthier, but Game No. Because I’m sick, and you, you’re healthy with your compulsive exercising and your crazy food bullshit? I think you’re a really great guy, Adam. No, you think that I’m a sick piece of shit. But don’t worry. You, you’re perfect, right? What’s up? Honey, sit down. What happened? Did you take your mom’s pain pills? Game Did I what? Game Simple question.

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