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Yummy Fat Burger

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    APPLAUSE AND CHEERING OK. Prepare yourselves for a scorching vocal showdown. It’s Irene Alano-Rhodes game CHEERING ..against Lydia Lucy. CHEERING Psst! Hm? Mm. Just chill, Will, OK? It will all be fine. It’s going to be fine. Let the battle commence. APPLAUSE AND CHEERING DRUMSTICKS CLICK BAND PLAYS There was a time When I was so broken-hearted Love wasn’t much Of a friend of mine The tables have turned Yeah, cos me and them ways have parted That kind of love Was the killin’ kind Ooh, listen! All I want Is someone I can’t resist BOTH: I know all I need to know By the way that I got kissed, yeah I was cryin’ when I met you Now I’m tryin’ to forget you Love is sweet misery Yeah, yeah! I was cryin’ just to get you Now I’m dyin’ cos I let you Do what you do Down on me Yeah! Now there’s not even breathin’ room Between pleasure and pain No, no, no, no! Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah! Yeah, you cry when we’re makin’ love Must be one and the same Cos what you got inside Ain’t where your love should stay, yeah Our love Sweet love Ain’t love Till you give your heart away Away game I was cryin’ when I met you Now I’m tryin’ to forget you Your love is sweet misery, yeah I was cryin’ Now I’m dyin’ cos I let you Do what you do Down on, down on Down on, down on me Yeah game CHEERING Wow. How about that? Let’s hear it one more time for Irene and Lydia! CHEERING Irene, well done. How does it feel to be on the stage tonight? Absolutely amazing. Cool. Who’s come to watch you tonight, Irene? My little boy. My loves, Little Boy and Pupa. Hello, -year-old! Congratulations, Irene. Well done. Lydia, how was that for you? Oh, it was amazing. Wow. I’m speechless. APPLAUSE George, if you were going to be duetting with any of these ladies, who would you pick? Well, first of all, it was quite an angry performance, and that song isn’t really an angry song. AUDIENCE GROANS I mean, Irene, you know, you did some amazing notes. Very different to your audition. I mean, you both did yourselves proud, but game You didn’t sing together. So I would

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