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Yogurt skin care

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    What can wedo for you, Sugar? This was in the post for me this morning. Today’s my birthday. Best wishes! I thought it was from oneof my old girlfriends. I’m on the very best terms with them. That’s a principleof mine. A very wiseattitude. Well, what can I tell you, Inspector? I was takingthecover off the box and Game pickingout my favorite, when this cat of minecomes over, grabs a candy out of the box, rolls her eyes and falls over Game dead. That’s what she gets for pinching it! Take theseout to the lab. Ok, Chief. And you can let your hair down now. Can you think of anyone who wanted you disposed of? The list is as longas your arm! Peopleare no damn good anymore. If only I knew who those two gangsters were, theones that were threatening me with revolvers the night before last. With revolvers you say? Yes. I didn’t recognize them in the fog. Suddenly this bigcranestarts straight at me, tryingto turn me into an angel. Only a jump into the Thames saved me. I’ll eat thosesweets, the whole lot, if that was an accident. Look at that! Hello? Hello! What’s goingon here? Hello! Good evening, Mr Parker. What do you want here? Who let you into the house? Is that any way to talk Game to your brother’s favorite mistress? My brother is dead. Yes, unfortunately. I loved your brother very much, Mr Parker. And I miss him far more than you do. You’re breaking my heart! Well? What do you want? Sugar got quitea heapof doe Game from him. And now you think it’s your turn? I was nearly a member of your family. Donald wanted to marry me. What do you know about my brother? Quitea lot. I spent the last hours, he had on earth, alone with him. And he was perfectly healthy, happy and content. The very next morning he was dead: Food poisoningfrom a fish. But hedidn’t haveany fish that day. Now, theseareclaims you must prove. Mr Parker, you’rean educated man, right? Now, tell me. When you dig upa body in order to find out what thecauseof death was Game You know the word Game Exhumation, huh? Go ahead and have them do it. If you feel you must.

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