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Yacht Sailing club

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  • Yacht Sailing club

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    What, you can’t turn a profit on this car? So why don’t you sell it to me, Thomas? You don’t have the dough, Don. Look, Don, you got a gift. You know how to read an engine just by listening to it, but it’s not enough. You need business sense. You two don’t think good old Don Prudhomme has the business sense? I wish you the best of luck. I bet you do. Bye, Don. What are we doing later? Tommy. Yeah? This was your best race by far, buddy. Now all you got to do is get over there and collect your money, Mongoose. Mongoose? What the hell’s a mongoose? Well, you know, like in “The Jungle Book.” The mongoose gets the snake. Oh, hell. It’s a giant rat that eats snakes. Oh, yeah, a mongoose. Yeah, I knew that. Mongoose. I like it. See? Yeah. Okay. Yeah. Here, take this, Ed. I’m going to go get our money. Attaboy, Mongoose. Hey, Vipe, hear you’re looking for a new ride, huh? Hmm. Depends, Roland. What do you got? I got the same car, same car, same engine. I don’t know. You know, my parents, they don’t let me drive another dragster, ’cause I crashed it. Crashed it. Yeah, I remember. So I need one new driver, huh? I supply the car. You drive. You win. . Another deal with another rich kid. I could use a drink, Roland. What do you say? Okay, brah. How about a bonus if I win Indy? Hey. Hey, Mike. Hello, Tommo. What can I do for you? Well, I got a favor to ask you. Why don’t you take a look at this for me? “The Mongoose bites the Snake.” Yeah, yeah. You get it? Yes, I do. I like it. Yeah, yeah, I knew you would. I knew you could. All right, cool, Mikey. I’ll see you later. Ah, thanks. “The Mongoose bites the Snake.” Mongoose. The Mongoose bites the Snake. Gotta go, baby Think yourself Game The Mongoose bites the Snake, and the Snake bites him back. Chevy. Your mom’s got good taste, huh? She does. That thing work better than a handkerchief? Helps keeping the paint fumes from making me sick. But now you’re here. Right. Hey, you want to grab a bite? Nope. I’m working, Torn. Yeah, I can see that. Yeah. You seen this?

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