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Work clothes

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    When I have the list, I’ll take care of Fernandez and Bornand. We’ll collar Fernandez anytime. You’ll get his confession. Intelligence always works this way? At Intelligence, we use any way that works. I’m in no state to drive. Always were a softie, Raphael. You know him? You could say. He’s a former agent. You’re with Intelligence now. Very well. The news came in early this morning and was swiftly confirmed by the Foreign Ministry Game The French hostages detained in Congo were executed last night. Their bodies were found on an empty lot a few hundred meters from the French Embassy. The eight men were soldiers with the th Infantry Regiment on a peacekeeping mission in Kinshasa following recent political upheaval. I’m Nora Chahyd. I was investigating Katryn’s murder. I know who you are. Your growing reputation has already reached me. I want a written account of it all. Chronology of events, persons involved, a killer’s name next to each victim, and the rest. Don’t you think you’ve caused enough trouble as it is? I owe a dead man the truth. And I don’t like Macquart playing fast and loose. I’m sure you don’t either. The style’s abrupt, but I’m pushed for time. You know who to go to? I’ll find out. He’ll probably be very interested. Thank you. My pleasure. You lit up my day, young lady. SUICIDE SHOCKWAVES ROCK THE STATE You’re back home? I realised I like it here. Macquart has resigned.

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