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Wonderfull Barbie Girl Beauty Makeover

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  • Wonderfull Barbie Girl Beauty Makeover

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    Wonderfull Barbie Girl Beauty Makeover Description

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    know what’s wrong Come out! Come out Hi, you were great! You’re hurt? Are you okay? If you can keep the secret I won’t kill you If you ask me not to tell of course I won’t I don’t know anything Are you alright? Hey, come over here Are you okay? You better leave, this place is too dangerous Remember, you promised you would not tell others that I am hurt Otherwise, I will be chased game I can find the Tianshan Snow Lotus it can cure all kinds of poison, how about I bring some back to you? You must keep it well Sorry, but game You are in hiding, how can I find you? Leaf? I’ll come see you when I hear this sound This can make sound? A leaf can make a sound? Let me try it Try again You have to be gentle Let me! I know! – Is that right? – Right! Cool-Son Yeh, I will find the Tianshan Snow Lotus to cure you So you can fight Simon the Snow Blower in good condition Wait for me! Wake up? You have benn dizzy days You want to kill me, no need to hurry Why did you save me? Duty Do you know this is worse than death for me? Though my master killed my three sisters Still he has brought me up What has that got to do with me? Why am I the only one left alive? And I am at the house of my enemy, what would people say? Naive To prove my innocence game Today is New Year’s day This cake is famous in our Simon House It’s called the Wife Cake It’s the new year, come to buy fish! Come to buy fish, it will make a fortune You give red packets to everyone? It’s the new year, they only have to say Happy New Year I give them red packets game – Happy New Year! – I give them red packets How much is in each packet? It’s taels in each packet taels! You don’t even know them? I will lose all my fortune to that bastard anyway game It’s the New Year It’s Immoral Wu I’ll spend whatever I can So you are saying that our Simon the Snow Blower is bound to lose? Haven’t you seen Cool-Son Yeh at Chun Hua House? You really believe someone can be quicker than him? Think about it! I really regret it What’s wrong? Right, Cool-Son Yeh’s “Hovering Heavenly Fairy”Wonderfull Barbie Girl Beauty Makeover

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