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Wonderful Sweet 16

Wonderful Sweet 16


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Wonderful Sweet 16 Description

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Is it about who I was? That I cannot tell you. Not yet. Come and sit down. Now, then Game When you first came here, you were not as you are now, you know. Your face was terribly scarred Game and your body was deformed and twisted. He made you as you are now. But, how? By surgery Game unbelievably brilliant surgery. Games But his hands Game Games No, no, the hands were mine, but the skill was his. He directed my every move. Christina, my dear, that man posesses such power Game such knowledge Game why, sometimes I don’t even understand it myself. But he is a wonderful man. Hertz! Coming, Baron! Games But, will it be safe? Games I’ve no idea. But if we are to learn anything we must be prepared to take risks. This test will be interesting and possibly informative. That’s enough reason for me to carry it out. Now, will you please tell Christina to get ready? We’ll be leaving in half an hour. Christina, I’m going to show you something. When you see it, I want you to tell me whatever thoughts come into your head. Now, will you do that? Good. Yes? Papa. What did you say? Papa! He remembered. He remembered his father on the guillotine. He? Hans. Surely you understand by now. Games His soul is in her body. Games Yes! Not all the time Game not all the time. We must have some more tests. Oh, no, not now. She’s sleeping. This was a shock to her. She doesn’t understand what is happening. She’s bewildered. Anton! Anton! Anton! Hans! Hey! What’s the matter? Nothing. Nothing? You’ve come in here as if you’d seen a ghost. I tell you, it was nothing! Look, deal me in, eh? And let’s have some more wine. Landlord? Come on. Another one, come on. Games No. Games Double or nothing. Nothing. I’m going home. What’s the matter with you? The matter? With me? There’s nothing the matter with me. There’s nothing the matter with me! Alright. Alright. Anton Game calm yourself down. “Calm yourself down. ” Alright, go on home. I’m having another drink. Landlord?! One more! My friends have to go “bye Games bye”. Leave him.

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