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Wonderful Super Makeover Salon

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  • Wonderful Super Makeover Salon

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    I feel like that, too. Married couples are best friends. I feel like I’ve shared a lot with you and game We know each other well. Right. Like companions. Yes. When I’m feeling down or when I want to know something game Someone you can help without asking for anything. I feel like I have that now. A person who I can help and want to help with nothing in return game when he or she is going through hard times. Something like that. Sighing I don’t feel so happy. Of course, we can’t be happy. It’d be weird if you were. If we were on bad terms, I’d be all happy about saying goodbye. I’m spitting all over myself. He’s getting old. Spit on my hand. But Ye Won, now that I’m getting old, I keep drooling these days. Now that I’m old, I keep drooling. Let’s pretend we didn’t notice, at least for today. They revisit Myeong-dong thinking of the past. Self-camcorder version Let’s go. They don’t have any staff members around. They really don’t have anyone. Don’t we have another camera? It’s over there with our managers. His manager is holding the second camera. Two managers? It’s very simple. This is the end. It just feels like another date. Don’t you think? Yes. We’re in Myeong-dong. It feels different from then. Right. It feels different. There’s a good Chungmu gimbap restaurant around here. You can buy whatever you want. Did you say I can buy whatever I want? Let me record from your side. Close selfie. I don’t like it. They are on their way to the kalguksu restaurant like before. I think it’s the next block. Is it here? They’re like a couple who can’t find a restaurant in Myeong-dong. It looks realistic. Is this the place? They are looking around. Here we are. Let’s hurry. They finally find the restaurant. It seems like the writer actually left us alone. Forget about us today. Hello. Hello, we are two people. They return after six months in search of an old memory. All right. Let’s go. The Oh-Ye couple finds a table in the crowd. I’m taking a video of you. Excuse me. That’s gyoja. It looks so delicious.

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