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Wonderful Fall fashions

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  • Wonderful Fall fashions

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    and I wanted it to be pleasant until the end. But I couldn’t help feeling sad, thinking that it’s the last day. That feeling of loss game made me sad. This is the centre of Myeong-dong. Let’s take a video here. I see. You know what it is. Yes. Cat, come here. It’s trendy among couples. Let’s spin together. Let’s do it together. Say hi. Let’s spin. We’re in Myeong-dong. Thank you. This is my wife and she looks like a cat, so I wanted to do this for her. Their date at Myeong-dong is over. As the time passes, they look less happy. Right. Right. Time is game ticking. Don’t you want to see how we first met since it’s our last day? We were so different from now when we first met. We’ll probably laugh over it. I’m telling you, we might just laugh over it. We’ll rather laugh over it, instead of feeling sad. We’ll find it really funny. What about when it’s over? What about when the video is over? What? Ye Won looks sad. When it’s over, we’ll just act casual and say, “See you tomorrow.” He tries to brighten the atmosphere. It’s just the programme that is over, not our relationship. He’s amazing. He tries to comfort her until the very end. We’re back at the broadcasting station. MBC is where we first started everything. They are going to look back on the last nine months. I didn’t know there was a place like this. They are there to watch the video together. This makes me feel so sad. Let’s be the audience and watch what we had been doing. Shall we watch our part only? Yes. They search for their videos. Were they the Kkongi couple? Yes. I was so jealous of them when they were touching each other. I couldn’t even imagine that. I know. I thought “How did they do that?” I thought I could never do that. Oh, my goodness. Today? Really? Are we going to Jeju Island? I love Jeju Island. “I love Jeju Island.” This is the plane ticket. It’s so sad. They went straight to Jeju island. I can’t look. Oh my gosh. They can still remember the excitement. I’m nervous now. Hello. They met at the parking lot. My gosh. They met there.

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