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Winx Style 4

Winx Style 4


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Winx Style 4 Description

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Winx Style 4 but I’ll be losing my job. It’s not my fault if We said JeanMarc wouldn’t be here! What about her? She’s leaving. I’ll only vole if he stays. Me loo. Robert, I’m going. No, stay. She needed to see Cha?y. Being here, she might influence the vote too. So JeanMarc can stay. We can’t be free with our boss around. Yeah, you and that bitch can’t bullshit us! Be polite! Shut your mouth! Calm down! Calm down, please! I’ll go outwith Sandra and no one will influence the vole. How’s this going to work? I have the box. pieces of paper marked “Sandra or Bonus”. Circle one and put it in the box. I suggest Julien does the count with me. That suits me. Does everyone agree? Happy now you’ve stirred up the shit? Friday’s ballot was enough. You shouldn’t have scared them so they’d vote against me. What are you implying? You told some of them if I wasn’t laid off, they would be. I never said that. You did. And you called them this weekend to tell them not to change their minds. What? Who told you that? It doesn’t matter. You’re heartless. Eight for, eight against You’re one short. I’ll come round after work. Those who voted for you are in the cafeteria. Thank you for your support. I’ll never forget it. If you want to stay with us tonight, you can. Thanks. Goodbye. I’ll empty my locker. I’ll help. It’s ok. Get to work now. See you later. Mrs By a’? Yes? Mr Dumont would like to see you. Just a second. Yes? Mrs Bya. Come in, Mrs Bya. Hello. Please have a seat. Christiane, ask them to explain these figures. What if they ask for you? I’ll be free in minutes or so. Sit down. No, over here. You convinced half the staff to give up the bonus. Well done. Of course, half isn’t the majority but to dispel any illwill among the staff, I’ve decided to give them the bonus and take you back. I can’t rehire you right away. During your sick leave, JeanMarc and I saw the work could be done by instead of . In September, I won’t renew a fixedterm contract and you can come back. For now, you’ll be temporarily laid off. There. That’s my good news. You’re staying with us.

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