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Winter Tea Time

Winter Tea Time


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Winter Tea Time Description

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Winter Tea Time Are you saying no? I’m not saying no. I’m saying time. Time. You’re listening to Hebrews. I’m not listening to Hebrews. Who are you talking to? God. God. Which God? You’re not seriously considering his proposal. Is it a proposal? If a man is holding a dagger to your throat, minister? Is it? I stand corrected. That’s a demand. He has lost his mind. He’s found a God. His God. Not one of ours, so game I would like Moses game I want Moses dead. Did you hear me? Yes. Then, go. And game His family, too. Moses. Where’s Moses? Moses? Where’s Moses? Moses game His family. Where are they? This is not Moses. This is not his family. This is a man, his wife, and his child game who when asked the simple question, “where is he?” game answered, “we don’t know.” Carry this image home with you tonight, and discuss why you would protect him knowing that tomorrow at this time there will be another family where this one is. And another the day after. And the day after that. Dare I say yours? Go ahead. I want to join the fight. In there. Joshua, use your knee. It’s good. Both eyes open! Nock! Draw! Loose! Advance. Nock. Draw. Loose! Draw! Loose! Draw! Loose! Again! There are two kinds of warfare. Each is dictated by numbers. With greater numbers you attack the enemy head on! You stab it in the heart! With fewer numbers, you come at it from the side. You cut off the blood game That pumps the heart. The army supply lines. No! The people’s supply lines. Their food, their property, their comfort. What would that achieve? Everything. Only the Egyptian people can force him to accept our demands for freedom. We must force them to make him say yes! Yes? Yes! Yes? Yes! With me! With me! Ready. You’re not going to do anything? I didn’t say that. Where have you been? Watching you fail. Wars of attrition take time. At this rate, you’ll take years game a generation. I am prepared to fight for that long. I’m not. I thought we were making progress. Now, you’re impatient. After years of slavery. Am I the only one sitting here who’s done nothing about this until now?

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