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Winter Style

Winter Style


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Winter Style Description

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Winter Style The granaries are bursting with grain. And yet there are twelve million people out of work. Twelve million.. Get out of here. Get out! Okay. Take it easy, take it easy will you, pal. The case is dismissed. Come on, Miss. Nothing like a good walk after dinner. Where do you live? I might as well take you home. That would be alright if I had a home. Hey, wait a minute. Say, have you got anything? Where did you expect to spend the night? I don’t know. You got a satchel? Well, go and get yourself one somewhere. Go to a hotel and stay there. When they hand you a bill, tell them you’re broke. Then what happens? Then they throw you out and you go to another hotel. Oh, I couldn’t do that. Why not? I.. I’d be afraid. You live in a hotel? No. I got no use for hotels. What do you do for a living? I live. Close your eyes a minute. Close them. Now open them. Pretty huh? Yeah, sure. Two bucks a day for this. I just walk up and down and turn the light on and off. This your regular job? No, no. I don’t believe in regular jobs. I do this for a friend on his night off. All you got to do is walk up and down here? That’s right. Is it alright if I walk up and down with you? Sure. It’s a free country ain’t it. Well, I suppose I got to find you a place to sleep tonight. What’s your name? Trina. What’s yours? Bill. Bill.. Here we are Trina. Bagdom On The Hudson, the fastest growing community in the East. You’ll find more unemployment here than in any other place in the world. The city gave it to the boys and girls to loaf in. How do you like it? Oh, it’s swell. Gosh I’ve been staying here a year and never knew there was such a place. Yeah, that’s one of the best things about it, the privacy. It’s the only way to live. No rent, no taxes, no nothing. Running water? A whole river of it. Hear that? That’s what I like the best, them train whistles. They remind you of other places. Don’t you love the sound of it? It’s a scary kind of noise. Nah. Nah.. Gangway! Get out of my way! Here I come! That’s what it says. Like a longdistance call. Come on.

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