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Winter Style Adventure

Winter Style Adventure


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Winter Style Adventure Description

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My mother has had enough of you. All those girls you’ve ruined have had enough of you! You’re evil, And you’re going away for a long, long time. Bridgette Don’t do this. You need me. I don’t need you! All that stuff about you recognizing light and helping others, that’s just your sick way of justifying your lonely and obsessive existence. I don’t need you. I have never needed you. No one has ever needed you. Bridgette! Listen to what you’re saying. You could have everything, and you’re throwing it all away! I want you to admit yourself to St. Abigail’s psychiatric ward. It’s a lock-down treatment facility. I will expose you for the cheat that you are. You will never graduate from here, much less go to Cornell or any other reputable university for that matter. Fine! So be it! Headmaster York is right outside these doors. Now you come to your senses, or I go straight out there and I tell him all about your cheating, and your mother’s as well. Jane, I’m giving you a chance. I won’t go to the FBI if you’ll just comply.

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