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Winter Fun Style

Winter Fun Style


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Winter Fun Style Description

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Winter Fun StyleCome on. The reason I like to sleep on that barge is because there’s no roof on it. Oh, it must be wonderful with the water rocking it. Like a cradle sort of.. Look at them ships down there with the sails on. They look so peaceful, and contented. Come on, they’ve been laying there for years, rotting away with barnacles. That’s what happens to you when you’re anchored. All in all, it’s so restful. Restful? So is a graveyard. Where are you? Here. Where? Here! What are you doing? Taking off my clothes. What are you doing that for? Warm as milk. Come on in. I would if I had a bathing suit. What do you want me to do? Come up there and throw you in, clothes and all? No! I’ll race you. Where to? To the moon. Alright. Where do you get all that energy from? Every time I see you, you’re working. Bill’s particular. Everything that goes next to his skin has got to be clean. You know, I expect he’s the cleanest man in the world. One of these days, he’s going to buy me a washing machine. That ain’t so important just yet. The main thing is the stove. What’s the matter with the one you got? I can only make stew on it. I could cook Bill some wonderful things if I had a real stove. He’s going to get me one soon. When? Pretty soon. As soon as he gets the money. Who ever heard of a Bindlestiff getting money? What’s a Bindlestiff? A guy who can’t stay put. Except maybe in jail. Well, Bill’s no Bindlestiff. He can make all the money he wants if he wants to. He’s got personality, he has. He’s different. If he were different, would he keep you in a dump like this? Oh, Flossy, how can you say things like that? This ain’t a dump. Not to me, it ain’t. It’s sort of uh.. What do you call them places in the street where people wait for the traffic? Safety zones. A safety zone, that’s it. That’s just how I feel about this place. Like a sortof clearing in the forest. Where everything is quiet and safe and peaceful. That’s the only thing I don’t like. Them train whistles. They plague the life out of you, night and day. Now what’s that? That’s Bill’s idea.

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