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Winter Fun Style Adventure

Winter Fun Style Adventure


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Winter Fun Style Adventure Description

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And he don’t do a darned thing. He did one darn good thing. You had a job in the Treasury and he gave you the sack for dishonesty. Now I can explain that. Why don’t Hamilton see that these certificates are paid? All he does is sit in his office and put down figures. What good will that do us? There ain’t enough money in the Treasury to pay us. Well, why ain’t there? Because the Senators are always fighting against one another. Alexander Hamilton and George Washington .. Are the only two men with brains in the country. Oh. What about Jefferson? ─ And Monroe, and Senator Roberts? They’ll be another bloody revolution in this country before long. And it won’t be against a foreign power. ─ Shut up, Reynolds. Where were you during the war? You never did a days fighting in your life. Oh .. Well, there is no use arguing about it. I object to Alexander Hamilton’s high-handed ways. Who is he to call us all here together today? Senator Roberts. We should have refused to come. ─ Senator Monroe. We cannot afford to ignore Hamilton’s importance.

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