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Winter fashion dear

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  • Winter fashion dear

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    st message. Same here. Only the beauty salon’s not on voicemail. Bonfils used to be with the Feds, didn’t he? Yeah. What happened? He get fired? He was politely asked to choose a new posting. He fingered a politician’s son who’d beaten a guy to death. He was reassigned, but kept digging. Until the Narcs picked him up. He was dealing? It’s known as “helping informants”. But when a politician calls the DA, it’s drugdealing. So, back to the police. I know a nice place on Oberkampf. Want a drink? Thanks, but I’m going straight home. If I insist? Forget it, you’re not my type. What are you doing here? Mado wants to see you. No messing. Do you mind? Sure. I suspected Katryn. Maurizio followed her all week. It was an accident. What a bummer! Bornand knows you killed her? No. Why not? It wasn’t planned. Of course! It was an accident. You jerk! He’ll soon realise. He thinks Chardon did it. You know the price for killing one of my girls? You do me a favour, or I call my cop friends. What kind of favour? Watch a certain Nora Chahyd of the Crime Squad. She left messages with almost all my staff. I don’t want her sticking her nose in my business. Do whatever it takes. You can go. One last thing Game Bornand doesn’t know we met, of course. He’s on morphine. It’s not his drug of choice. Your father has more refined tastes. I’ll wait for you. Laurence Renaud. Katryn, if you prefer. Her checking account was topped up by an offshore company in the Bahamas. As for Marie Malinvaud, the blonde, no news. Her parents don’t know where she is, but I have a man watching the apartment. You’ve done a good job. Pardon me? I said that’s good work. I heard you. As your first compliment, I wanted you to repeat it. I hope you can change your flight. I’m gonna need you some time. A rumour that will blow itself out, that’s all it is.

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