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Winter Fairy Time

Winter Fairy Time


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Winter Fairy Time Description

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We shall begin with Lot One. Barnyard Friends. A lovely Helen Allingham, depicting two horses, an ass, and several cocks. There’s a lovely sky here. Shall we start the bidding at , pounds? Seventeen thousand pounds, thank you very much. Stealthy, man, stealthy. Like a jungle cat. Hello, Vladimir. So good to see you out and about. Tell us where painting is, or you have big hole in your head. You will have hole in your balls! Why is Dmitri obsessed with testicula? Your mother and father only met once. And money changed hands. Probably less than a . And they say she was dressed as a man at the time. I wouldn’t, mate. I really wouldn’t. Sold to the gentleman in the fuchsia ascot. Moving on to Lot Two. All right. There. You won’t be needing this anymore, will you? Will you? My God. Oh, dash it all, Jock, man, your hand! It’s all right, sir, I’ve got another. You know, remarkably, this is not the first time I’ve shot Jock. Sir, the switch. The switch, sir. Oh, quite right. No time to dally. I’ll meet you inside, sir. And we move on to Lot Four. Fernand Just Quignon’s Lavender Field. Isn’t it charming? Thirtyfive thousand pounds game Forty thousand pounds? ,? , isn’t it? Fortyfive, thank you, sir. , , back on the game Give me the painting. What painting? I see that you have been schooled in the game fine art of fencing. Alas, so have I. An essential part of every gentleman’s education. And as a gentleman, I should warn you game that my coup d’arret is still whispered about in hushed tones to this very day. I don’t like it, I don’t like it, I don’t like it, I don’t like it! Twentyfive thousand pounds. Lot Five. Smiling Woman in a Chair. Sold for , pounds. And now, moving on to Lot Six. Oh, dear. I would like to humbly and unreservedly offer my deepest game Truce? Ladies and gentlemen, if you would please remain calm. Ladies and gentlemen, if you would please remain in your seats, I would be grateful. Where is Mortdecai? Well, come on, then. God. Going on to Lot Seven. Colonel Blucher with Hounds near Twineham. But quietly.

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