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Winter cool Fashion

Winter cool Fashion


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Winter cool Fashion Description

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Terribly sorry for your loss, madam. How very kind. Would you mind ever so much if we used the lavatory? It’s this way. Oh, you beautiful breadwinner. Darling, please, you are killing me. Right. Out the window with it? Quite. However game I do have the slightest of queries. What do we do next? Because if Martland should get his grubby hands on that painting, he would destroy a magnificent work of art. And we will be out a finder’s fee. If it falls into Strago’s hands, he will unleash his unpleasantness to disastrous effect upon the world. And if we try to sell it to Romanov, he will kill us and simply take it instead. And yet we must find a way to pay eight million in back taxes. Quite, quite, yes, indeed, quite. Quite a conundrum, this. I shall need a moment to think this through, I’m afraid. Yes, do. Do think. Just bear in mind, I’m standing on a loo, holding a dead man’s Goya. Our painting is entered in Sedgwick’s Friday auction, is it not? Yes. Perfect. We are going to enter the Goya into the auction, disguised as our Sheridan. But it’s already at Sedgwick’s. It’s been authenticated. We’ll make a switch. But first we must convince our buyers that the Goya’s back in play. They won’t take our word for it. They’ll want to see it themselves. Then we’ll show it to them. What the situation requires now is a wellspun rumor. Sir Graham. A message for you, sir. What is all this nonsense? You know I’m not interested in your flaccid Sheridan. Darling? Interested now? Very. But I watched it burn. It’s Mortdecai, sir. Chatter is he’s found a dashedly clever way to move it on the open market. The auction starts at : p.m. I want that painting. The auction got it. Good luck! I believe he still owes me a finger. Hello, pookie. Hello, darling. I nicked one of their passkeys. Well done. We’re Lot Seven. I shall need seconds to make the switch once it’s announced. Do not delay. I know this building like the back of my hand. You will have your time. Good luck. Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to Sedgwick’s Autumn Master’s Sale.

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