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Winter Big Fun

Winter Big Fun


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Winter Big Fun Description

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OK, wait out. Going to Come on. you! Can we not just take him over the ridge? Right, there’s a Game there’s a route up to Normandy already. It’s already marked. Just take ’em up there. Enough is e–nough we’re getting blown up here! Smudge, Smudge, Smudge. Did you not just see what happened to your pal, Stu? Yeah! The whole place is charged, mate. We’re going nowhere. sit down. Turn your head around and don’t look anywhere except for up there. Just don’t look at him, alright? See, you hear that? Angels with wings. me. ! That’s not a Black Hawk. Chopper inbound. Laid them in threes, didn’t they? What’s that, pal? APs. . Hit the guy treating the first victim. Maximum cluster. That’s a Chinook. They’ll be dropping the MERT at Lancaster. How you doing, fella? You alright? Save my nuts, Doc. That’s all I ask. . Hey. Your nuts are fine. . Alex, it’s still bleeding, mate. What? Yeah, alright, smart. This is my last tourniquet. ! Boys Game this minefield. Alright, mate. Alright. ! Here’s something to put on it. Alright. Right, hold this leg too. Yeah, brother. you! Alright, mate, we’ve got you. Kilo Five Bravo to all Kilos. We have a Chinook inbound. Please confirm this is not our cas evac, over? Snoop, you got a med pack? Kilo Four, affirmative. Nah. Kilo Five Bravo. Cas evac inbound. Luke, med pack? Nah, I got nothing, mate. Recommend move casualty to HLS nearby. Over. Negative. Confirm, we have two, repeat, two P ones requiring cas evac. Movement impossible due to location being minefield Game Chinook unsuitable for pick-up due to location being minefield Request HH sixty with winch as previously indicated. Location is a minefield. Over. Chinook only asset available at present. Over. Can I have direct comms with Chinook? Negative Kilo Five Bravo, comms via JTAC to apache to Chinook. Whoever this is, come in. Go ahead, Bravo. Suggest Chinook enter via re-entrant to south west. Back wheels down onto the rocks. We’ll drop smoke. We may be able to load one casualty this way. Over. Wait out. You wait out, pal. Kilo Two to Kilo Five Bravo.

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