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Winter Big Fun Adventure

Winter Big Fun Adventure


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Winter Big Fun Adventure Description

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was supposed to be done by now. Uh, it’s not. If it was, I-I could’ve, you know, promoted the whole night properly. Look, I told you when I booked these guys, they’ve had their day. But Games but Games but Glen’s almost finished with the record, and once that’s done, I will work all the rock stations. You know I’m good at that. That’s how Games I’m in the beer business. I know. All right. You know how you sell beer? Pretty bartenders, short skirts. You have to have people in the club. That’s it. No more gigs with these guys. Okay. Look Games Look, Greg Games Greg? I-I promise that the next show will be a sellout, okay? I believe in these guys. I’m Games I’m sorry about tonight. Hey, Tracey, get all your stuff back in the trailer. Oh, awesome. Hey, buddy. What happened to your big plan of having this place packed tonight? Well, Gle Games I’m Games I’m sorry, Glen, but, I mean, maybe it would be packed if, you know, if we could just get some new stuff on the setlist. You know? Look, it Games buddy, if it’s about the money, I’ll cover what we’re short. Our records show that that payment was processed. Let me just, uh Games let me just check on that for you. Uh Games well, yeah, actually, I don’t know what happened to the payment. Look, regardless, um, Charlie, uh Games he died. Yeah, he choked on an olive, actually. Was bizarre. Yes, well, obviously, we’re very upset. Um, well, thank you very much. Okay, listen, you have a Games a fantastic day. Amazing. That was very good. That should hold them off for a few weeks. What’s, uh Games what’s with that getup over there? Well, someone needs to start dressing professionally around here. We’ve been over this. Once I left banking, no more suits. That was it. No more money. No mon Games Uh, here. Uh, these guys are looking for management. Check them out. Sure, sure, sure. If they’re as good as The Damnsels, I’ll sign them. Oh, and you should spend some time with the intern. He’s been working really hard. Any luck? Oh, you’re killing me. I’m gonna check. Okay,

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