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Winter Best fashion dear

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    now I understood that you came to Europe to make us meet. Thank you I made the house as your jail for years with my foolishness. Forgive me dear. That is not your mistake dad,but the love you had on me. I will go to as many courts and spend as much required. I will not let you be punished. Be courageous dear. Ok dad Chai.. Meera is a very good girl. I may not be able to come for your marriage. Congrats! …went missing weeks ago, along with her son, Zack. We have two objectives today: Find them… …and grab Glenn Arias. CAPTAIN: Comm check. SOLDIER OVER HEADSET: No movement outside the compound. Split up into three teams. We’re going in. HEADSET BEEPS Clear. CLOCK TICKING CLOCK CHIMES Jesus. CLATTERING Are you okay? GUNSHOTS AND SCREAMING Go! GRUNTS THEN YELLING ZOMBIES SNARLING Zack? Yeah. SNARLING Go! ZACK YELLS PANTING AND WHIMPERING YELLING AND SNARLING Redfield, come in. Anybody. What the hell’s going on? ZOMBIE SNARLING Emergency evac. Get the chopper now. SOLDIER SCREAMING SNARLING Get out of here! Arias. GROANING Thanks to you, I’ll have to move my business somewhere else. You son of a bitch. Please. I’m a businessman. I make good products available to anyone who wants to buy. And at reasonable prices. For example, this… …exquisite specimen. SNARLS CHRIS: Cathy. Bastard. The last moments on Earth are the most beautiful, don’t you think? The wonderful thing about my products… …is that they know the difference between ally… …and enemy. SNARLING SCREAMS WOMAN: Congratulations! MAN: Congratulations. ALL CLAPPING AND CHATTERING PLANE ENGINE DRONING GRUNTING PEOPLE WAILING AND GROANING No! This is all for you, my dear. My Sara. AARON: Is that it? Is that the virus that’s making everyone flip out? Yes. AARON: It keeps getting worse and worse. Attacks are happening all over the place. WOMAN SCREAMING ON MONITOR Where’d you get this? I haven’t seen this footage before. It hasn’t been released yet. They don’t want the public to panic. Are you kidding me? There’s been like attacks in the U.S. already. The BSAA is working to keep it under control, but… But it’ll just keep happening until we find the cause and stop it. Right? Exactly. This is being done intentionally. If we can just find out who’s behind it… Caramel macchiato? Did you remember the chocolate chips? And the whipped cream on top. Good boy. That’s dessert, not coffee. You know that, right? Your point? Nothing. Nothing at all, Professor Chambers. REBECCA: The dead coming back to life and being used as bioweapons. These insane corporations have caused far too much tragedy in this country. You think this is more of the same, then? I don’t know. Based on what’s happened before… …this time it feels different. Someone new could be behind it. AARON: Is that the vaccine simulation? REBECCA: Mm-hm. The infected are exhibiting different traits this time around. I’m attempting to suppress the artificial virus… …because it seems to be the base of the infection. I saw the computational chemistry system running.

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