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Winter Beauty Fashion

Winter Beauty Fashion


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Winter Beauty Fashion Description

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have not practised them for many a century, yet you have the nerve to ask me where I learnt? How can we allow him to insult us this way, Brother? Shaolin would be disgraced if the public knew about the theft, so we’d better leave it. Our master has deigned to come here and collect the badge. Anyone who refuses to submit to his authority had better speak up right now! What did you say? Master game This man is dishonouring Shaolin. Shall we teach him a lesson? This is not how a Buddhist should behave. But I am not a monk, and I cannot take this. I’ll teach him a lesson. You could do with being less cocky, you pompous arse! How about a duel? You got off lightly last time, loser. Aren’t you afraid? I’d save as much breath as possible, if I were you. There’s no telling yet which one of us will win. Come over here, if you’re a man. The Starving Crane! The snake! The tiger hunts! Scooping the moon! Here’s a gift for you game game to enjoy in Hell. What style is that, Yilang? Oh, it’s game The Essence of the Five Fists. Oh, is that so? Stop! No killing in the grounds of the temple! You do want to kill me, don’t you? Time for the dragon! The snake bites! The tiger hunts! The crane flies! The leopard strikes! Now, all five elements: The dragon game game the snake game game the tiger, the crane, and the leopard. Ching, my son! Ching, my dear boy! I know who you are! You are Luk the Fearless, who lost the title of Martial Master some years ago. So, you remember my name. Back then I defeated all the others with my own skills. Yet you bald fools in Shaolin discredited me for being game too young and lacking in social standing. I swore that I would seek vengeance. So you changed your name and shaved your head in order to join the Shaolin. Yes, and I have waited for thirty long years. Now I have the manual of the Seven Deadly Fists. I wanted my son to become the Martial Master. I wanted the Luk clan to rule over the martial community forever. I knew something was up from the moment the manual was stolen. The fake palm print suggested a traitor in our midst. But you? Yes. I killed Shek Yingfeng and Purity! What did my father ever do to you? I had to get rid of the strongest rival. How were you able to kill them during seclusion? There is a secret passage game Why kill Purity? He knew too much, so I had to silence him. Why set me up? Oh, a scapegoat always comes in handy. Now that you know everything, it’s time for me to right the wrongs old and new, once and for all! Prepare for a bloodbath! I’m the one who killed your son. Leave the others alone. The leopard strikes! THE ESSENCE OF THE FIVE FISTS Who’s there? What is it? Where? Why, go to hell game Who’s that hitting my leg? Monster! Who’s that tugging on my arm? Let go of me! Let go. Let me go! You don’t look so clever now, do you? Are you afraid of ghosts? What are you doing? Get off me! Let go of me! Why don’t you jump? You want more? You’re really not helping! What the heck? The tiger! Who’s holding me? Snake! My poor shoulder! All Five Elements at once! Please, Master! No!

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