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Winter Beauty 2015

Winter Beauty 2015


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Winter Beauty 2015 Description

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Winter Beauty 2015 Ramses game Don’t be stupid! Ramases! I am not talking to you! I am talking to her. Your whole arm on the table, Miriam. Thank you. Ramses game Don’t take this any further. Don’t take this any further, or what? Do not take this any further. Are you quite sure about that? Get your hand off it, or use it, now. Or perhaps you’d like to answer the question? Then I’ll proceed. Miriam, I’m going to ask you again, and if your answer is again no, I apologize for what happens next. Are you his sister? No. Yes! Yes! You don’t need a reason to kill him, but you have one. This was treason. How was it treason? He just admitted he knew. That wasn’t an admission! Simply did not want her arm lopped off! I saw it in his eyes. He does not believe this story. I don’t want to believe it! You want to believe it, because it’s an opportunity to be rid of him game which you always wanted. I didn’t say “exiled,” I said “dead.” That, I’m sure, will follow where he’s going. Khyan game allow me to talk to my mother. Yes, sir, yes. Come, Miriam. It isn’t every man who would protect a servant who’s nothing more to him than that. Certainly no one else in this family game including me. I wouldn’t have said what he wanted to hear. And neither would she. That’s how much we love you. “We”? It’s not true. It is true. You were wearing this when I brought you to the river. I took it off you for obvious reasons. That’s you. The connection between you and our mother. Your sister saved your life. Now you saved hers game Moshe. Miriam. Sorry, sir. Moses! Moses! I have nothing to steal. My horse is dead. We’re not here for your horse, Moshe. A little bit higher. What are you doing? Don’t stop. Keep working. You, get water for our goats. You. Wait your turn. Move your animals away from the troughs. It’s yours again. Where are you from? West of here. Where are you going? East. What did you do? What do you mean? You committed some crime? With respect, your daughters invited me for some food. They did not tell me there would be an interrogation. I’m sorry.

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