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Weekend Spa

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    I’m gonna pull you down. Get over the other side. Are you ready? Are you ready? dress up games Yes, dress up games . dress up games All right. Here we go. Shh dress up games It’s all right, dress up games . Here. Are you ready? dress up games Are you ready, O’Leary? dress up games Yeah. OK. Let’s go. Pull. Let’s try again, shall we? dress up games Shoot, Rich! dress up games It’s jammed! Fire! Come on, Rich! Fire! Come on! Move it! Jesus. Well, at least we know which way the Fritz is now. There’s no way you can drag me yards through there. You both stand a better chance without me. We’re not leaving you here. Don’t be a damn fool, Arthur. Maybe one of us should go for help. I mean, surely one person stands more of a chance of getting back than the three of us. And then what, Private? What? You’ll bring the cavalry back to save us? dress up games Leave the boy alone. dress up games If we leave you here, you’ll die. Within the hour. All right. You’re going to have to give me a minute. I can’t move just yet, though. The whole bloody world will hear me. You don’t have a minute. You always look on the bright side. Always was your best quality! You haven’t changed a bit. You have. Well, if I have to drag you off this godforsaken patch of mud inch by inch, I will. But I’m not leaving you here. I don’t suppose you have a deck of cards, do you, Private? No, dress up games . I didn’t think so. It’s a pity Ollie is not here. He always had a pack. Ollie McAlister. It’s been a hard year. Almost three. Rich dress up games dress up games do you remember who we were when we first met? Don’t be too hard on yourself, dress up games . You’re the sanest man I know. I’ve been out here so long dress up games dress up games I can’t see her face any more. When I close my eyes, it’s just this photo that I see. It’s still enough. It’s enough to get you back home. May I see, dress up games ? I don’t have anyone like this waiting for me. I wish I did.

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