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    But he’s the only outlet for my product in this territory, Mr. Mundson. If I don’t sell to him, I can’t continue in business. Don’t you understand that? Perfectly. And that doesn’t matter to you, does it, Mr. Mundson? On the contrary, I sympathize with you deeply. Life is very difficult for the defenseless ones of the world. Yes, as you say. Thank you, Mr. Mundson. We’re in the gambling business. Leave me alone. I never heard of a game played with light globes. Let’s join Gilda for a drink, shall we? Sure. Hey, you better let me case the joint first. “Case the joint”? See if the coast is clear. I didn’t like the look on the defenseless one’s face. That mouse. I didn’t like the look on his face. All right, Johnny. Gilda was right, you are protective. Sure, that’s me all over. Give me five minutes. Gilda. Maybe you didn’t notice I’m dancing. You were dancing. Hey, what’s the idea? Oh, you’ll get used to it. I’ve never finished a dance in here yet. When Game comes down, I want you sitting in a booth alone. It’s Game who objects to my having friends? What I want to know is who’s this guy? Johnny Farrel. He runs the joint. This is Gabe Evans, all the way from New York. Isn’t he pretty? Just darling. Now get him out of here. But I like him. If he leaves, I go with him. That’s all right with me too. Well, what’s keeping you? Not a thing. Let’s go where we can have some fun. Like I said? Exactly like you said. Didn’t you hear about me? If I’d been a ranch, they would’ve named me “The Bar Nothing. ” The coast is clear, I take it? Very clear. Look, Game , I’m a big boy now. You can tell me things. Gilda warned me that you’d grow up. By the way, where is she? Gilda? Yes, Gilda. She was bored. There’s an American picture in town. She went to see it. Alone? Who would she go with? She doesn’t know anybody here. You’d know more about that than I would, wouldn’t you, Johnny? GUNFIRE CROWD CLAMORING GUNSHOT SPEAKS IN SPANISH Bad form to make a scene in public. The ocean would have been quieter.

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