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Wedding Slacking Time 3

Wedding Slacking Time 3


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Wedding Slacking Time 3 Description

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Wedding Slacking Time 3 The church in Rome was gaining in strength. In effect the catholic church Kind of rushes in to fill the power vacuum That is left by the fall of the roman empire. And you get into situations where, for example, In the middle of the th century, when Attila the Hun Is advancing on the city of Rome with his army, The emperor is not the one who goes out to stop him, The pope is, the bishop of Rome. This kind of prominence, Political prominence as well as religious prominence, Comes to really define the pope’s role. The prophecy also indicates That the woman is riding a beast with seven heads and ten horns. Obviously these things are symbols. This creature here clearly represents the same monster With seven heads and ten horns that we just saw Warring with the bride of Christ in chapter And it’s the same beast That the world is compelled to worship in chapter . So what do these seven heads and ten horns represent? “The seven heads are seven mountains On which the woman sits.” “The ten horns which you saw are ten kings game ” There is only one city in the world That sits on seven hills like this, One major city, and that’s the city of Rome. So there is no doubt in most expositor’s minds That when John is talking about this woman, He is talking about Rome. So you see the connection here, seven heads, seven mountains. You go in revelation : Seven heads. Revelation deals with seven heads. There is a continuity here. “It is within the city of Rome, called the city of seven hills, “That the entire area of Vatican state proper Is now confined.” There is only one church That is also an independent country And has political world power: The Vatican. This country, with the world’s smallest population, Was established as an independent state With acres within Rome. Behind the walls of Vatican city There are less than , people Living within this small country that is governed by the pope Who has absolute executive, legislative, and judicial powers. Ambassadors from around the world Meet with the pope and his representatives

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