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Wedding Braids style

Wedding Braids style


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Wedding Braids style Description

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Wedding Braids style So, I give you all the money what I have here, okay? It is in the desk. He gave her a sign! Lefteris, not again! It is enough! It is enough! My brother, you asshole! Let him go! Let him go. Leave him. Let him go! you! Everything OK? It’s just a scratch. I’ll get some alcohol from the kitchen. And now you, talk. What can I say? That morning, as Jenny slept, I asked why you pack your bags. I should be quiet, “so mom and the little don’t wake up. ” You have taken the money in the drawer in the kitchen. I asked why. You said, you come back with gifts. Did you say that or not? I asked you:”Do you swear it?” And you said:”I swear it.” Did you say that or not? Did you say it? I was waiting for you! Speak! Speech, you wanker! Speak! Speak, Lefteris, so that it is over! Speak! Say Yes! Yes. Yes. Yes. And why did you never come back? Dany back. It is enough. It’s over. It’s over. Do you understand me? So game I will give you all the cash, what I have here. Then you go, all right? And tomorrow we’ll meet for the rest. Recognition, DNA test game I will not be recognized by you. Me neither. I want you never see again, fascist pig! Stop. Go. My bag. Go now. Upwards. Thank you, Dad! Real cool house. Goodbye, Ms Vivi. Best wishes to the little ones. Before you came, I was not sure it’s him. What are you doing there? Dany, stop. It is enough. Come on. Come on. He was it, right? Probably. Was it him or not? Who cares it? Dany, let it be good. He was an idiot definitely. Yes. Damn, not a single damn taxi. And nowhere a kiosk. For no money of the world I would live here. Maria is waiting for me. Then call her, fool. It’s all right. Where are you? We’ll be there in minutes. Bye Bye. I’m not getting with you. Why not? Must do something. So what? Are you next? Probably not, as I ran away like a madman. But I was good, wasn’t I? Are you kidding? You were absolutely awesome! Next month is the casting for “Greece’s Supertalent”. We are taking part. Isn’t that a stand? Where? Come on, come on! The last one is a loser! First. Second.

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