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Games Hey guys! Games It goes over your head. Games Hey baby. Games No, not now. Games Come on. Games No, no. Games What’s with your mommy? Games No. All right, let’s go. Come on. Mexico! MehGamesheeGamesco, everybody. Games Chop, chop! Games Jim! Sweet! “Fiesta hoy!” Jim! Leave me alone. What’s wrong with Daddy? I don’t know, babe. I don’t know. Oh my gosh. You guys, look over here. Look at the city. Come on, look at Mexico City. It’s so pretty, all the lights! Oh, Jim. Oh my God. Look at the fireworks, kids. Look up at the fireworks. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Come on, you guys. Stay close. Stay close. Hey. Come on, son. Let’s go. Games We’re not washing hands? Games No. Oh. What happened?! Nothing. Hey! How is that little darlin’ of yours? Now, I sure did like her. Oh! Oh Lordy! Jim? Oh my God! Elliot, Sara. Come on, let’s go. Come on, hurry. Games Jim, your shirtDress Up Game it’s ripped. Games I know, I know. Okay, let’s go. Chop, chop. Come on. Slow down, Jim. Games Excuse us. Games Jim. Come on, guys. Come on. Slow down. Jim, slow down! Wait! What?! There’sDress Up Game there’s something going’s on here. Games Huh? Games It’s this place! What? I don’t understand. You told Elliot I look like Emily Dickinson? Games I like Emily Dickinson. Games God! They’re a little young, JimDress Up Game Dress Up Gameeven for you. Don’t you think? Games Who? Games Who?! Games Who?! Games Yeah, who? Those Parisian chicksDress Up Game or whatever they are! Games Okay, just calm down. Games Don’t touch me! People are watching. Had the sudden urge to learn French?! Don’t give me that look. I saw you at the pool. I’m not a total idiot. You’ve probably been following them all day, haven’t you? Following who? Who was on the phone this morning? Games What?!

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