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Weather Adventure

Weather Adventure


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Weather Adventure Description

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Not even the smell of the grave on it. Come on, come on! I won, I won! Ah, God bless the little fella! I won! I won, I won, I won! God bless the little bastard! Well, what did I tell ya, huh? You know your birds. I’ll say that for ya, you know your birds. Next fight. The black cock Brooks Fancy. The white cock Radios Now here’s your chance to make a real killing. A real killing, huh? A real killing, huh? We’ve done that before, eh? Shut it, Fallon. The white one, the white one. The white one, do you see him over there? That white cock has won six straight and not a feather out of place. Put the lot on him. Alas, all of it on the white one? Didn’t Mr. Fallon here say I know my birds. He did, he did, he did. I’m telling you the white one is the cock of the north. He can’t be beat. What do you think, Fallon? Ah, let’s do the lot, huh? All of it. All of it on the cock of the north, eh? Hurry, come on. This will make you rich, my friends. Rich. Cock of the north. Brooks Fancy. Ha! Two p’s on the black. Fight. Come on, come on, come on! Come on, come on! Go on, my beauty, that’s it! Go on, get him! Go on, get him! Come on! Go on in, that’s right. Go on, get him. Come on, come on! Come on! Come on! Get him! Kill him! Ha ha! Ha ha ha! He’s winning! Come on, kill! Get up, get up! Yeah! Kill, kill! Kill him, you bastard! Kill him! Come on, get up, get up! Get up, get up! That’s it, yes! Go on! You’ve got him. Yay! He’s dead, he’s dead, he’s dead, huh? Yay! Gentlemen, gentlemen, what can I say? Oh, ya bastard! Fallon! I’ll kill ya, swine! Not here. Not now. O’Connor, you’re a bastard. We’d like the money. I haven’t got the money. Go through his pockets. Two sovereigns. Come on, out! Dr. Rock. You knock at the door very softly, Mr. Murray. Last night I saw Fallon and Broom plying an old man, a derelict, with gin. Now that same man has been delivered to this academy by Fallon and Broom. He is dead. Well, the way they swill that gut rot, I’m not surprised. It isn’t the gin, sir. It’s Fallon and Broom. They’ve delivered nearly

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