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Ways to Wear Girls

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  • Ways to Wear Girls

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    Ways to Wear Girls Description

    Ways to Wear Girls, Ways to Wear Girls Games, Play Ways to Wear Girls Games

    Go ahead! Take your best shot! She won’t mind! I see you had to bring Daddy along, huh? Hey, you boys hungry down there? You hungry? Well, eat this! Jonathan! Come on. No! There he is. Yeah. All right, back down. Cover the other building. All right, let’s go. Jonathan, forget it, man. Oh, Jesus! Come on! Drop it! Drop it! God damn it, I mean it! On the ground! All right. Cuff him and get him out of here. Go ahead, man, shoot me. And by the way, boy, she died real hard, you know? Your girlfriend? I’ll see you dead, you son of a bitch! You like killing, too, squirt? It’s in the blood. You and me, we’re killers. You’ll die, you mother er! I’ll see you die! You er! You’re breaking my ing heart! Easy now. You want him gone, let the State do it for you. He’ll fry for sure. He’s history. I wanna be there. What? If they give him the chair, I wanna be there. Don’t be crazy. It’s over. Now let it go. I wanna see him die, Don. I’ve earned it. I wanna see him die. Yeah, maybe we’ve both earned it. I’ll get box seats. Where is he? Choking on his last meal, I hope. Do you know what his last wish was? TV set in his cell. Can you believe that? He must like his soaps? All right, my son, it’s time to Game Pinker! You all right? Stay away from the bars! Get up! Come on, give it to me! You got it, baby. Get those cables off him. What the hell was that in the air? Did you see it? Smoke, I guess. Must have fried his ing brains. Arsehole. Put him down here. God damn this! God damn this blasphemy! You better do mouthtomouth. My arse. You do mouthtomouth. This guy’s an animal. The Warden hears we let him zap himself, we’re gonna get our arses canned. No way. Shit! Open up! Fingerlicking good. ing animal! Shut the up! Get those men down to the infirmary! Is the er alive? I don’t know. Well, I’m fine, boys. Just fine. Let’s get on with the killing. Okay, pretty boy. You come to look death in the face, school boy? Strap him in. It isn’t right. It just isn’t right.

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