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Walk in The Park

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  • Walk in The Park

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    Walk in The Park Description

    Like Sara? So I wrapped my arms around her. But then something happened. When you’re a princess, they teach you to smile. Be cheery, merry, jovial. And you can never be sad. Never ever! Then something happened. I couldn’t let go. Help! I can’t breathe! Oh no, princesses must never cry! Hey, what are you doing to my daughter?! Games Let go of her! Games Stop it! Hey, what’s wrong with you? Let her go! But you can’t be happy all the time. It’s just not possible. And you know smiling’s not goodDress Up Game for the wrinkles. And I hate happy endings. Hate’s a bad word! That’s mine! You’re sick, you know that?! Haven’t you ever had a fantasy, Jim? Daddy, let’s go home. Thank you for playing with me, Sara. You’re a very sweet little girl. Games Like a princess? Games Yes, darlingDress Up Game wait! Your balloon! Games You don’t want to forget it. Games Look daddy! Goodbye, Jim! Welcome you aboard our highway in the sky. And hope you’ve enjoyed the Magic Kingdom. We’re traveling to Disney’s contemporary resort. During our travels, please hold onto the handrails and stay clear of the doorDress Up Game I love you. You know that? Dress Up Game. There’s a long, long trail winding Dress Up Game into the land of my dreams Dress Up Game Where the nightingale is singing Dress Up Game And the white moon beams Dress Up Game There’s a long, long night away Dress Up Game until my dreams all come true Dress Up Game Til the day that I am walking down Dress Up Game that long, long trail with you Aaah! What? Everyone’s so worried about cat flu now. You can be a host and not even know it. Cat fluDress Up Game Vitamin CDress Up Game Ugh. Elliot. I’m sick. I need help. Help. Elliot. You’ve got quite an imagination! Just like old W himself. He died while all this was still in its early stages. Ah. Ah! How much time? We’re on the floor now. SevenDress Up Game sixDress Up Game five.. fourDress Up Game threeDress Up Game twoDress Up Game one! Checking in, orDress Up Game? That we are. Allow me to help you with your luggage. Thank you.

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