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Walk in The Big Park

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  • Walk in The Big Park

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    LAUGHTER AND ENTHUSIASTIC APPLAUSE “EMBRACEABLE YOU” PLAYING ON RECORD PLAYER PAULA: You’re a better dancer than your father, Frankie. You hear that, Daddy? FRANK SR.: Like fun. PAULA: The girls don’t know what they’re in for. Show him the dance you were doing when we met. Ah, who can remember? The people in that little French village were so happy to see Americans they decided to put on a show for us. So they crammed soldiers game Yeah, we know the story, Daddy. Into that tiny social hall and the first person to walk onstage is your mother, and she starts to dance. You know it had been months since we’d even seen a woman and here’s this blonde angel. Blonde bombshell. GIGGLES And the men are literally holding their breath. Holding their breath for you. You hear that? GIGGLES Mm-hmm. And I turned to my buddies and I said game “I will not leave France without her.” And I didn’t. You didn’t. I didn’t. LIQUID SPILLS Oh, ! Oh, , the rug! Aw, Mom game I can’t believe I did that. No, no, it’s nothing. It’s nothing. Oh, Frankie, Frankie, get a towel. Paula game Yeah, yeah. Come on. My sweet embraceable you game Dance with me, Paula. Ah game GIGGLES INSTRUMENTAL INTERLUDE PLAYING Whenever I dance for you I get in trouble. MOUTHING Watch this. CHUCKLES Oh! LAUGHS Frank! Wake up. Come on, let’s go! Get up. Come on, come on. Frank, wake up. GROANS Dad game You don’t have to go to school today. It’s okay. Why? Is it snowing? Do you have a black suit? I overslept again, huh? We have a very important meeting in the city. Eat that. Come on, come on, eat. Ma’am, open up. Just open up, please! Ma’am? It’s important. What? Oh, gosh! We don’t open for half an hour! Open the door, please. Just open the door. It’s important. I-I’m sorry, we don’t open for half an hour. What’s your name, ma’am? Darcy. Darcy. That’s a pretty name. I’m in a bit of a fix. I need a suit for my kid. This is my son Frank. Oh, hi. He needs a black suit. Black suit game There was a death in the family. My father, years old,

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