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Venus Beauty

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  • Venus Beauty

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    Venus Beauty Description

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    Aroganşa them is beyond measure. No matter how impossible it is, you must find him. But why? Why is it worth so much? For that made me You want me to live again. Remember you and how I saved? Never underestimate power of a kiss. Gerda! Gerda! Gerda! Gerda! No! No! It is only a torso, Wolfgang. Never mind. We will find. In my heart I know is the vias. I hope so. It seems that you forgot rules of the hotel. And I will remember you. First rule. Never disturb a sleeping bear polar or you will break bones. The second rule. If the polar bear does not sleep, means that fishing and you. And if you bother to bear fishing will break bones. A third rule. Any attempt to escape will be punished. You purposes of? Throughout. Well. Really got hit. If you hit well, were already dead. Help! Please, someone open the door to a. Help! Who’s there? A magician unhappy who needs help. But you’re here. Of course, that is. It is a magic box. It’s unfortunate in a magician. Please, beat in all doors. Harder. Louder! Aha! Mulşumesc, young master. Chen, the provision of your My name is Gerda. What were they doing? You must see Prinses summer. Full of enthusiasm to help bring Court provision are good Lord. Are you sure you want to go? I think not what you want. Wrong. And Chen needs a nurse beautiful and the wait. I hope to find one are. No, I found it. You are. We will work the Summer Palace. I need to save Kai from Snow Queen before winter. Kai! The Snow Queen? You know where is it? Not really, but I will search until you find one. Prinses cousins may know it. Prinses cousins, Snow Queen Game Must be a family connection. Help me find a Prinses Summer and she can get will help with Kai. Agree? Mmm! That’s impossible. Back to work. You want to go from here? And why leave? Fishing here is great and this place is Draguş and cold. And i.. What? And nothing. Back to work. Ok. This is a stupid way to fish. He and I will not catch anything. I’m glad my Dad not here to see this. Four hours and no fish. What a waste of time!

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