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Vampire Birthday Party

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  • Vampire Birthday Party

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    Vampire Birthday Party Description

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    Vampire Birthday Party Next time don’t take over State property. Games There weren’t any council ones. Games There are. Games The nearest one’s km away. Games Do you want it near my place? Let’s do it at your house! Do you have to do this in summer? Why not in September or October? Vanna’s trousers look good on you. I have to get out of here, I fell asleep by mistake! One at a time. You’ll have your photos and fingerprints taken. Games Calm down! Games Can’t I make a phone call? Listen, fatty! This is Pisa, not Los Angeles! What’s so funny Game you good Games for Games nothings! Games You did a job with the door. Games What the hell do you want? Go and be a referee, what a job! Games Racist! off! We get evacuated and you act the fool too? Games Get the lighter and let’s set fire to it in protest. Games What? You play with a rag ball, that’s it! Well done! Francesco Proserpio. David Jachia, born in Modena Game Biri. And now? Film this. Look what they did! Is it true drugs were found? They’re talking about peyote. Anything to say about this eviction? I don’t believe we’ve been evicted. You can’t evict ideas. As leader of this movement, do you think this fight will last long? We’re all leaders here. We’ll go to Genoa and we’ll never stop. Games Maybe we should talk? Games David, we’ll meet with the others, tomorrow. Social law calls for clarification in a case like this, right? I reckon we can ignore the law. You want a lift? Relax, I’ve been reported seven times and I’m still alive. Games I don’t know what that means. Games It’s a pain in the ass Game and we’ll end up paying . liras, or something Game Games It’s worth it in the end. Games Even Pennac says it: the best screws are during a revolution, huh? Screwing during a revolution is no good for you in the end. My brother got his girlfriend pregnant during the Panther movement. Games Did he regret it? Games It’s the only good thing that’s happened to me. Just think Game Guys! Don’t you have anything to do? No, Pietro. We haven’t slept a wink. If we’d locked ourselves in properly the police wouldn’t have got in.

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