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Valentine’s Day Happiness Adventure

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  • Valentine’s Day Happiness Adventure

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    Valentine’s Day Happiness Adventure Description

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    Oh, so beautiful. Now the Long Island. Then the Great Bridge at the foot of the city. Whoops, there goes my suitcase. Coral Canyon, Long Island, Big Bridge. We’ve got it. Move. What? I hardly started. No one swims out on Norma. growling screaming My fans are fans to the end. Which will happen sooner than you think, for I will destroy you! growling What do we do? Follow my lead. You call that acting? I’ve seen scarier performances from clown fish. Yeah, I give you half a starfish. I kind of liked it. Shh, play along. all heckling Imbeciles! You wouldn’t know art if it scaled, breaded, and fried you. You bottom feeders, get out. There, an exit. No, wait. Come back! screaming I really don’t want to see this. Evo moaning Norma hissing Normal moaning screaming No, don’t go! Fine! spitting Forget you. Who cares? I don’t need you. I still have my adoring public. vocalizing Oh, my gosh, glad we got out of there with our lives. Okay, now what? Norma said to take the warm westerly to the Iron Mountain. Hey, feel it? Warm currents. The warm westerly. Sorry, I couldn’t hold it anymore. Gross, Evo. There. Wow, it’s like a hill of steel. Maybe someone inside the hill of steel can tell us where the Iron Mountain is. Deep sighs What? Deep Okay, looks like we go over and keep heading west. That should take us to the Long Island and then the Big Bridge. We got this guys. We lost the current. I feel it, this way. Deep! hissing shouting hissing shouting moaning I uh, hi. How are you? I’m hungry. Oh, well, maybe I could help you. Yeah, stay still so I can get you down in one bite. Don’t you know who you’re eating? Nah. It takes all the romance out of it. Wait! Um, I’m a very important octopus and if you eat me, my friends will be very mad. Friends! Very mad friends! That’s your cue. stuttering My, cue? Oh, so you have friends? Oh, yeah, really good friends, and they’re right over crying quietly gasping Are you crying? I’ve never had a friend. I live in garbage. I haven’t seen another living thing in I don’t know how many years. Oh, well, we’re living things.

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