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Valentine’s Date Love Adventure

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  • Valentine’s Date Love Adventure

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    Valentine’s Date Love Adventure Description

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    CLAY: Look, we ain’t here for you, old man. We got drug dealers out there hunting us, trying to kill us. Seems like you are trying to kill each other. Well, it’s complicated. Always is. We just need to use your phone, call the authorities game game and get off this island before anybody gets killed. Phone don’t work. I had it cut off a couple of years back. Why the is it sitting on the table? It looks nice. [IN ENGLISH] Hello again. It’s a nice house. Do me a favor. Can you please send me the park ranger? He’s not here. We gotta get out of here. Now. I ain’t going nowhere. This has nothing to do with you. These fellas want a bite. I’ll give them a mouthful. [CHUCKLES] Morris, cover the back. Nobody gets out. Shh. Piss off my land! This guy’s kind of cranky. Hey, you people inside, I hate guns. They are very bad game game for the environment. However, I’m not stupid. Gentlemen, a little help. Get down! [GUNFIRE] I get hikers here from time to time trying to run me out of my home. Hikers? You seriously think those are hikers? Sir, we gotta leave this house. We’re sitting ducks here and you know it. SANDERSON: Take that. What, am I invisible? Why him and not me’? I don’t know you. I do know fellas like those assholes. Couple shots game game they’ll run off like squealing pigs. You’ll see. I don’t think you understand the situation we’re in. We appreciate your help, but for the last time, this doesn’t seem– [GUNFIRE] XANDER”. Give us the ranger game game and we’ll go away like a bad dream you won’t remember in the morning. Fellas, I don’t know what’s gone on between you. You gotta get past it. Old saying goes, “Hang together or hang separately.” A knife? What the am I gonna do with a knife? Man can do a lot with a knife. That’s how much I trust you. Now just stay low. You’re gonna have to fall back before they get us surrounded. Fine by me. No. Not fine. You’re coming with us. I’ve got my ways of getting through this. Just go. [GUNFIRE] SANDERSON: You boys get out of here. Go out the back. Head east.

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