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Valentine’s Day Happiness

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  • Valentine’s Day Happiness

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    Valentine’s Day Happiness Description

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    Come out to Famoso Raceway this weekend and prepare to be amazed as their nitroburning funny cars go roaring down the tracks at over miles an hour. You okay driving that, Don? Yeah, you feeling good? Pull that thing on the other side, will you? All right, thanks. Hey, you boys got enough room? Yeah, it looks pretty good. It’s all right. McWhorter said you superstars take as much room as you need. Oh, man, you hear that? First stop, we’re already superstars. Hey, Snake. Snake, big fan, man. All right. Big fan. Yeah, yeah, yeah, only fan. Don’t get too used to that, pal. You know, I’ve never seen the back of your car. Look at it now. Get used to it. Where the hell is McWhorter, anyway? He’s up in the tower, man. All right. Mr. McWhorter. Happy days, Don. Happy days. Here it is. It’s all there. The hell it is. You still owe me . Remember? You stiffed Donny for bucks? Cheapskate. Shame on you. Pay this man his Cnote. Now I know why they call you the Snake. I may have a little bit of trouble reading, Mr. McWhorter, but I know how to add. And Tom McEwen takes the win and the match. God damn it. Hey, yeah, all right. Thank you. Oh, I like this one here. I like this one. All right. All right. Hey, what the hell happened, man? The tranny blew. Once the slicks got covered, I almost lost her. Barely keep her on the track. Hey, well, you did a good job, you know, keeping it togeth Game Damn it, Don, that’s bucks, man. For the shoes? You know what? Don’t worry about it. It’s only money. There’s plenty more where that came from. Great show, boys. Thank you. Oh, Tom, here’s your $ bonus. All right. Bonus? Yeah, just like we agreed. You guys put more than , people in here, winner gets an extra bucks. Just like we agreed to, Tom. You are nothing but a Game Whatever you say, don’t say “snake,” pal. Did I say something wrong? No, Mac. You’re good. Hey, nice shoes. Thank you. Are you kidding me? Hey. Hey. Don, Tom is spending way too much money. Fancy restaurants. Expensive clothes.

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