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Valentine’s Date Love Time

Valentine’s Date Love Time


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Valentine’s Date Love Time Description

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Valentine’s Date Love Time I might grow up to be? Anything you want. But there’s nothing I want to be game except what I am a boy living at Bly. Oh, if only everything could go on just as it is now. I love this house. Don’t you, Miss Giddens? It’s very beautiful. And so large. I expect it’s the biggest house in England. The whole world, actually. Oh, hardly the whole world, Flora. Your house, where you used to live was that a big house too? No, it was very small, I’m afraid. How small? Very, very small. Too small for you to have secrets? Well, secrets were a bit difficult. But possible? Not for long. Secrets require a privacy that our little home did not provide. Did you play games in your house? No. We had to be quiet, usually, because my father was preparing his sermon. But if he went out, we’d play hideandseek all over the house. Oh, lovely! Let’s do that! All right. You hide, and I’ll seek. We can go all over the house, can’t we? Everywhere, I mean. Yes, I should think so. Oh. Where are the children going? It’s their bedtime. Yes, I know. But I thought, just one little game, and then right to bed they’ll go. Oh, they’ve won you over, miss, already, I can see. They have indeed. We’re ready! I’m coming! Anna? Miss Giddens! You’d never have found me if I hadn’t pounced on you! Oh! Did I frighten you? Yes, a bit. Now you’re my prisoner. Oh, Miles! Let me go. Why? You’re hurting me. Am I? Yes, Miles. Please let me go. But why? I told you. You’re hurting me. Now, Miles, I mean it. Do you? Oh, you’ve found it! I’ve missed it so. Mrs. Grose must have hidden it here. Now it’s your turn to hide. Hurry! Run! All right. Now where? Oh, where shall I hide? Wherever you like. We’ll count a hundred. One, two, three game four, five, six, seven, eight game nine, , Miss Giddens! Where are you? Oh! Miss? Miss Giddens? Whatever are you doing there, miss? Heavens, child, you’re white as milk. I saw him! Don’t tell me I didn’t, because I did. I saw him staring. Who, miss? The same man the man on the tower. The tower? But now, just now, he was staring past

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