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Vacation Time

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    Vacation Time They used to be. And I got news for you, Sharky. Upstairs, you had a big reputation for being a bad ass. You got your pusher, all right, but you got a civilian shot doing it. Down here, you don’t make waves. You’re right, this place is a cesspool, and if you make waves, I get a mouthful. Papa. Sharky. Hi. Arch. What’s on for tonight? Donald Hotchkins here is running for governor, and he don’t want anybody peddling ass while he’s making his speech in the square tonight. We gotta keep the city pure, right, Arch? Sure, Papa. Like missionaries. Arch. Oh, and we gotta make sure Game the cab drivers wear their hats at all times. You’re shittin’ me. City law, Sergeant. No shit. Cab drivers gotta look nice. Pretty exciting work. You got the rank, Sergeant. You wanna skip it? Hey, that’s it. Let’s go eat. You like ribs? Jesus Game aw, he don’t like ribs. There’s a place down here that Game Come on. Move it. Show super cop what it’s all about. He’ll love it. Let’s eat Japanese. Arch, move it. I’m moving it, Lieutenant. Don’t have me tell you again. Hello, my sweet blind angel My friends, my friends, when you stand in that election booth on election day, and you mark that little X in that little square next to my name, you are saying yes to good government. Yes. When you say yes to Donald Hotchkins, you are saying yes to good government. Say yes. Say yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Unit reports victims in the shooting Female, oriental, , alleged prostitute, and Detective Tad Roper, Central Intelligence All involved units switch to Tac Scuttle was he was onto something. We’re babysitting a politician. What you need is someone who’ll give this city back to you. Bullshit. Don’t let him get you down, Papa. I just wanna know who shellacs his friggin’ hair. Yes, this city has problems Ohh, shit. What the hell are we doing here? Hello, Sergeant. We’re here to arrest certain individuals that might be offering to perform ual acts for money. It’s what we do. Hey, Papa. I see Mabel’s working. Where? Right over there.

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