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Urban Princess Time

Urban Princess Time


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Urban Princess Time Description

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Homicidal is a medical condition? Hmmm. Uh, uh, wait. Slow down. Uh, guys? Guys! Deep Wow, look at that! The bridge Norma was talking about. We must be close! whimpering nervously Alice Wow, amazing. Now I’ve seen it all. I’m completely speechless. I take it back, now I’ve seen it all. Evo, shine your light up there. Evo? Where’s Evo? You didn’t? No, jeez, you eat someone one time and they never let it go. He’s right there. You guys don’t hear that? Someone’s after us. Oh, come on. Who would want to follow us? I know neighborhoods like this. You’ve got to tuck in your scales and keep your eyes on your tail. How is that possible? Seriously, watch yourselves. All this stuff is just slowing us down. We keep going. Sorry for chit-chatting. You know best. claws clicking Clicking. Clicking. claw snaps Everywhere, clicking! claws clicking Ah! Now I’m clicking. teeth chattering Guys, focus. We just need to get past the bridge and then we’ll be in the City of Men screaming clicking claws intensify shouting nervously Alice Giant crabs! And where do you think you’re going? Hmm? We don’t want any trouble, Mr. Extremely-Big-Crab, sir. We were just heading to the other side of the bridge. Rico does not think so. Oh chuckles we meant the other, other side of the bridge. Oh, we’re here. chuckles nervously Bye! claws clicking Evo screaming Rico kills you now. Though, uh, it’s a shame you won’t hear our exciting, scandalous, death-defying story. Oh, exciting story? Um, yeah, that Alice tells really well. Um, yeah, it’s about Evo. And it’s really great told in the first person. By Maura. Enough. Entertain me or you all ceviche. Understand? Ceviche? You’re marinated in lime juice with dried peppers and tomatoes. Happened to my cousin’s family. Ugh, horrible. Yet, oddly appetizing. Rico is waiting. Okay, so a sponge, a scallop, and a rabbi walk into a bar. No, no, no, that makes no sense. Sponges can’t walk. It’s a joke. It’s not possible. A joke doesn’t have to be possible. And why is a shellfish eating a rabbi? He’s not eating him, he’s getting a drink with him.

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