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Urban Princess 2015

Urban Princess 2015


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Urban Princess 2015 Description

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Urban Princess 2015 It was a good shot. Even if the gods did guide your aim. A little venom in your blood is a good thing. Makes you less vulnerable to the next poisonous bite. Maybe even my father’s. Welcome to Pithom. You get used to the smell. The viceroy seems to be enjoying a good share of his resources. This isn’t a job everyone wants to do, my Lord. A certain degree of comfort is necessary to keep up his spirits. You know what the problem is? People live too long these days. Every year, the death rate lags further behind the birth rate. And these people game They reproduce like it’s a sport. This is the problem? A growing work force? No, of course not. It’s good for production. Of course it is, but only to a point. When that population wants you dead game Yes, it’s a problem. So, either I’m given more troops to maintain order game Or I start thinning out the herd. You start slaughtering people for no reason other than this precarious theory game You will provoke the very thing you say you wish to avoid. Fine, then give me the troops. Let’s go down and talk to them. Why on earth? You’re worried about sedition. Let’s find out if that worry is real. By talking to them? By looking at them game when I talk with them. You can tell a lot about somebody game looking him in the eye. Let me tell you something about Hebrews. They are a conniving, combative people. Do you know what “Israelite” means in their own language? “He who fights with God.” “He who wrestles with God.” There is a difference. Look, I may not be as educated as you, which, apparently, you want to remind me of. But I have to deal with them every day. I know what I’m talking about. You don’t have to come. I’ll go down there myself. Stop! Why is he being punished? Persistent troublemaker, My Lord. Why is he smiling? He says he feels no pain, My Lord. Then why whip him? You were not gathered up at random. I asked to see the elders. Come on. What do you pray for? We pray to see Canaan again. Canaan again? You’ve never seen it. I’ve seen Canaan. I’ve seen that it’s inhabited by tribes fiercer than Egypt’s military.

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