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Unusual And Beautiful

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  • Unusual And Beautiful

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    .Yes? I must remember it if I ever get out of this. Rum ration. Rum ration, dress up game. It’s time to give the boys a tot. dress up games. Dodd’s too young. I’ll have his. We don’t want you incapable, Smith. How would you tell, Sar’nt? Any chance of seconds? No, it’s bad for your health. Swine. Can’t even let a man have a drink in peace. S’cuse me for asking, dress up games,Unusual And Beautiful but there’s rumours going round. Is this the big push? I’m afraid such information is hushhush, Dodd. Who told you that? Germans, dress up games. They’ve been shouting out across no man’s land. Yes, well, perhaps it isn’t the best kept military secret in the history of the British military. Zero minus one. All right, men. Just wanted to say, whatever happens, you know you can rely on the old division to give a good account of itself. Even Dodd, dress up games? Especially Dodd. So, here to all you lads. The game’s started,Unusual And Beautiful so keep the ball rolling and remember, the only good Hun is a dead Hun. No jokes? A bit short of jokes. There was a young girl of theUnusual And Beautiful Somme Who sat on a number five bomb She thought was a dud ‘un but it went off sudden Her exit she made with aplomb. Did you know it’s still going on? The War? Yes, apparently it is. No, this mutinous magazine. They promised to stop producing it, erm, when the war is over. Just listen to this. “Realising that men must laugh. “Some wise man devised the staff.” Is that supposed to be funny? Well, it’s funnier than what I’m reading. It’s a subversive attack on the entire high command. It continues “Let them lead the simple life far from all our vulgar strife.

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