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Unusual And Beautiful Adventure

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  • Unusual And Beautiful Adventure

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    Unusual And Beautiful Adventure Description

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    And he was ob ig to work with him. MAN: They did a take in the pits. And ee said, one more p ease. Steve got up. And he said, isten, assho e. I’ te you when we get one more. Move to your next shot. And if I ike it, I’ show up. The prob ems of individua ‘s egos were there. It wasn’t a ot of fun that way, at a. [Cars racing] Come on. I want to show you something. Come on. Wa k with me. I want to get down here, because this is where Dave Piper ost it, right in this right hander. We’d been fi ming in the morning. Everything went according to p an, no prob em. Went to unch, came back to the circuit, and the director want the Ferraris to be eading with a Porsche behind. They haven’t decid what the script was going to be, and they want both options. [Cars racing] I drove just as I had driven in the morning, went into this right hand corner. The back end just went. [Crash] Word had gotten back to the compound that there was an accident. And I got that. And I was thinking, geez, I hope it’s not my dad. I hear the triad a ot. And so what’s going on? He says, I want to show you what can happen in motor racing. Steve, I’m ca ing you to te you that we’re having accident. David Piper, he’s been taken to hospita. This was a grass, and I remember a coup e cows. And there was a whee assemb y, sitting out in the midd e of nowhere. Uh, we , he had a crash. MAN: He was eft bo t onto the engine in the seat, and the rest of the car took off and eft him. You can see there’s quite a ot of b ood coming out of your eg in your overa s. But it’s a tremendous re ief that you’re sti conscious and a ive. MAN: David has been injured. I just spoke to the pi ot. He wi come in at night. It was my doctor. He said, we’re going to have to amputate. I said, we , take it off four inches be ow the knee, and I’ take my chances. My mom took me, my sister to see Dave. And I remember the room was dark, and I remember he had a sheet over him. And you cou d c ear y see that be ow his knee was gone. I ost it there. I ost that much. INTERVIEWER: Wou d your accident

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