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Unicorn Maintenance Work Adventure

Unicorn Maintenance Work Adventure


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Unicorn Maintenance Work Adventure Description

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You imagine my amazement of being here with these documents. What do you have to do now? Hand the documents to someone tomorrow, somewhere I can’t tell even to you. This is more serious than we all thought. That’s why they didn’t even hesitate to murder Armando Ruelas. Go figure, tomorrow, the opening, with presence of the President, and high people of the government, the opening of the workers convention. The proof of the strike being sold, are irrefutable, and they will make a scandal. Two governors will fall, and maybe a minister. There are police member and many public workers involved. We will ask for a radical change in our government. Public opinion, as excited as it is for all this matter, will now be, openly, supporting us. And these two tickets? One was for Ruelas, the other for me. Today at I have to meet some partners at the station. At ? Yes, in the south train. It’s five. You have.. three hours left. Stay here, the station is quite close. We have to say goodbye. You can’t go out now. They’re still watching. I can’t go out, Octavio. Why don’t you understand that I can’t stay either? They can harm you. More harm than the one you’ve inflicted? What do you mean? Until a few hours, at the moment I ran into you at the cinema, I was, like so many others, a miserable woman trying to forget how sad my life is. But you came Octavio, you came Games and close to you, I felt again Games No, Octavio, no. We must not let this night take us into its’ vertigo. If I became yours here, in this hotel room, we would end up sad. It wouldn’t just be lying to Ignacio and Juanito, but to ourselves, to our love, to our memories. You know, You feel just as I do, that we must wait. I am so tired. If I could rest. Rest. Have some sleep. It’s daytime. How I have waited for that light. Me too. I haven’t slept waiting for it, as the inevitable sign of our union. It’s curious. There was a moment when watching the light arrive, when I feel asleep and I saw myself.. you know how? How? Walking by your side on the aisle of a station.

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