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Under the sea clothing

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  • Under the sea clothing

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    Under the sea clothing Description

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    Only fools ruin themselves gambling. Gambling? What else? Pfft. Come on home. What happened to him? Come on. Did he kill himself, Johnny? Yes. When a man becomes weak enough to accept a bribe he’s already a dying man. Didn’t bother you, did it? That he killed himself? No. But it did bother me that you were afraid. Oh, no, I was amazed. I realized that something could happen to me. That’s why I’m going to tell you something. Come in. Over here, Johnny. Remember this, Johnny. Remember this too. Could you do it now by yourself? Yes. Eight, left, right, two left, right. You’re the only one who knows the combination. If anything should ever happen to me there are papers there, signatures and instructions how to carry on. Thanks for not letting me down. You’re not just the owner of a gambling joint. You know what a cartel is, Johnny? I think so. A trust, a monopoly of some kind, isn’t it? An international monopoly. Big business, huh? Monopoly in what? Tungsten. That doesn’t impress you. I don’t know much about it, if it’s worth getting shot at for the pleasure of monopolizing it. A man who controls a strategic material can control the world, Johnny. Whoa, now. The world’s a pretty big place. Made up of stupid little people. Well, if anybody can do it, I’d lay you’re the baby who can. And you’d win. Now let’s go downstairs and have a drink. With you and Gilda on my side Game You are on my side, Johnny? I told you that. And Gilda? What do you mean? Women are funny little creatures. I don’t know much about them. Odd things are important to them. Really? I bought her, Johnny, just as I bought you. Well, she knows that, doesn’t she? That’s just it. Money doesn’t mean very much to Gilda. If she should become restless Game I’m mad about her, Johnny. Mad. What do you think of that? I think it’s great. Because she is on your side, Game . I’d lay on that too, and I’d win. I’d better be getting back to the joint. GILDA HUMMING Know what? I have the funniest feeling we’re not alone. Maybe we’re haunted.

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