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Two Sweet Babies

Two Sweet Babies


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Two Sweet Babies Description

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you wouldn’t know the dog is there and then suddenly this big mean thing would lunge at you. And supposedly anything that went over the fence was ripped to shreds. Neighbors’ cats, neighbors’ dogs, a fox. I think he was really proud of it. What ya reading, man? What? What are you reading? Paper, man. How are you today? My feet hurt. Yeah, if your tits weren’t so big your feet wouldn’t hurt. Whoa, hey. Sorry, amigo. What’s wrong with you, man? You can’t talk to her like that. Can’t talk to girls like that, do you hear me? Just relax. Rela game I have a year old daughter, same age as that girl, would you talk to my daughter that way? No. You wouldn’t talk to her that way, would you? Why? She’s your daughter. So, why is it okay to talk to her that way? You walk in here, ’cause you’re here. Sorry. You should probably apologize to her, man. Are you really sorry? Hmm? I am, but game You are, you’re really sorry. It was pretty idiotic. You act like a moron. What’s up? Happy Birthday! Thanks. What up, dude? Yo. Yo, what up, Happy Birthday, man. Thanks, man. Hey, hey. What’s up? What’s up, how was school? It’s pretty gay. Whatcha do now, man? What do you mean now? So I get bitched at, like, every day by a different teacher. Were you saying stupid shit? And I’m smarter than half the motherers there. Yeah, but you do dumb shit. Like what? Like being dumb. You don’t know what’s up, man. Oh, I do know what’s up. What’s up? I know what’s up, I’m not in school anymore. Yeah, I talked to Miguel today, he got transferred over to El Paso. Oh, really? Yeah it sucks, like, I have to drive four and a half hours just so Ty can see his dad now. That sucks, yeah. I mean, I can’t afford the gas and I can’t even freakin’ get a job because nobody’s gonna watch Ty. My mom game Yeah, so. I don’t know, I was thinking maybe I’d start dancing professionally up there. I think you can do that, you’re pretty hot. Yeah? Yeah. You think I’m alright? Yeah, show us your mad skills. I don’t know, I might be too shy. Can I be your DJ? Yeah you can be my DJ,

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