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Twilight Bella Dress Up

Twilight Bella Dress Up


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Twilight Bella Dress Up Description

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Twilight Bella Dress Up He goes down from Gaul Modern day France Where his power base was, To confront his rival Maxentius, in Italy. Constantine moves down from the north And you think of Italy, there’s this long stretch And he wins one battle after another. As he was marching with his army He had a dream one night where god came to him And told him “you will become a Christian And put this sign on your shield and you will conquer.” Shortly after that he actually had a vision, Which history tells us was seen by his army As well as by Constantine, himself. He looked up to the sun and he saw a cross of light above it And the Greek works “en toutu nika”: By this, conquer. The story that he had had this dream Does appear at a relatively early stage. It’s described by Eusebius. There are different sources. There are different versions, But it does seem that Constantine does say, “I’ve had this divine encounter “And an angel has told me That in the sign of the cross I will conquer.” Constantine commanded his troops To adorn their shields with the Christian symbol. His opponent then moves out of the city To face the oncoming Constantine with his army, Which has now been trained quite a bit Because they’ve already won several victories On the way down from the north, From Milan down. His opponent moves across the river at the Milvian bridge, Has Constantine and his army in front of him, The river and the city behind him; Not a great situation to be in. If you do not beat the oncoming army, You have nowhere to retreat. So he loses. So for Constantine, who is certainly not yet a Christian, This is a powerful thing because he himself believes “The Christian god has given me victory.” The Christian god Is more powerful than these other deities. It is clear that Constantine made the symbol of Christianity Part of the imperial standards And that he fought under that symbol and he won. Being a good roman emperor, he would then think, “Yeah, I got the sign. I’m on the right path.” So if you’re a pagan Or just somebody who’s confused about religion,

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