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Turkish Spa beauty

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    There’s only about $ in there. Oh! Maybe Laurence was right. Maybe nobody wants to see a bunch of middle-aged women play basketball. How can we raise any money if nobody’s bettin’ against us? Hey! We still got a job to do tonight. Gotta go out there and show this town what we’re made of. What town? Nobody’s even here. Have you all forgotten what’s at stake here? Our dignity? Oh, hell. You Game You’re forcing me to go all Lifetime television for women on you now. My aunt Game Aunt Rowena Game she, uh Game she died of breast cancer. She lived in a little Podunk town hours away from a doctor Game or a decent strip club. If the town had a mobile unit, then maybe they would have caught it early, and she’d still be here today. Is that true? Only a really small man would lie about somethin’ really big like that. Now, am I the only one not ready to give up on this mobile unit? No. Then what are we all waitin’ for? Gene Hackman to show up? Let’s go! GamesHit it.Game Where’s Roy? He’s supposed to be reffin’ this game. Ate some bad clams. All right. Let’s go, ladies! Let’s go! Yes! Air ball. Airhead! One. Whoo! Come on. Pick it up! Yeah! Kinda like shootin’ fish in a barrel! Fight, fight, fight! That one’s mine, girls. Hey! Whoa! Clemmy! Wide open! Wide open! What the Game God! Yeah! Good one! Whoo-hoo! Who would’ve thought that? Oh! Yes, sir! There we go! There we go! I like that! Nice pick, Jocelyn. Good shootin’, Millie. All right. Here we go. All right, ladies. No mercy, all right? Look, I don’t wanna be comin’ back here for no game two. All right. Come on, ladies. We can do this! If we don’t get within points, the mobile unit is history. Come on. Hot Flashes on three! One, two, three! Hot Flashes! Yeah! Go, Florine! Roxie! Put it in! Go ahead! Go ahead! Whoa! Hit the rope! Come on! Yeah! – Yeah! – Yes! Let’s go! Let’s go! Let’s go! Let’s go! Let’s go, Florine. Come on! Oh, my God. Oh! Yeah! She tried to feel me up! What’d she say? What? That’s a lie.

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