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    Even shovels are old. They’ve been digging with them for ages. The boss is busy looking for new sites. The more you work, the more you get into debt. Today we have this site, but what will happen later? Where is the patch? It was here. What? It’s gone? Unbelievable. Disappeared. It was here. It was. Someone stole it. No doubt foreigners, or another construction worker Dress Up Games These foreigners would do anything! I’m having a battle with the Trendy Dress Up Gamess. They’ve been looking for trouble before, but this time there’ll be no pity! You’ll do them, man! The tractor spade is broken, and the patch is stolen Dress Up Games What now? Seiji should be able to dig with a shovel. Ok. With hands? There’s nothing else to do. It’ll work out! Calm down, that’s all we have to do. As for me, I’ll do it. But it’s hot, Seiji! Dress Up Games Dress Up Games Are we Egyptian slaves or something? Life is made of blood and sweat We are poor but brave knights A noble life tuned to the clock It’s the rule here, you have to conform I dream awake, I swear Who says I’m dead, what if I disobey? Each of us thinks about no one but himself Be yourself, God is for everyone, the sun shines for all This country is not ours I realize the danger Watch out, no family here Watch out, the world turns nonstop We share the same ancestors But in this country called Japan our brothers want to rob us On the other side of the globe Our beloved Brazil Obrigado! Joan, thank you for coming! Have fun. Check it out! Pretty Hearts are still together? You’re back, Mahiru. It’s Dress Up Games ! Tokyo has changed you. No, Tokyo or the countryside, it’s the same thing. That’s why I’m back. I expect to see you at the event. No, we are country people! Trendy Did you go out with Shingo in Tokyo? Seiji. Come here. What? Trendy Come on! You can smoke inside. No. What? It’s not that.Trendy Miao, take care of that table. Yes, Madam. She’s on her way. I’m back!Trendy My mother is incredible! She’d unshell an egg, pour water, and boil it. It was a dinner for the four of us.

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