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Trendy Makeover Adventure

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    last of my energies to summon you here. The Guardian has betrayed us. Medivh. I saw the Fel in his eyes. He is consumed by it. If he is not stopped, this world will burn. I don’t have the power to defeat a Guardian. Guardian is but a name. The true guardians of this world are the people themselves. I know you see what the Kirin Tor cannot. It’s why you left them. No one can stand against the darkness alone. I don’t understand what you want me to do. Yes, you do. Trust in your friends. Together you can save this world. Always remember, from light comes darkness and from darkness Games Light. Up, up. Thank you, Moroes. You’ll recover, Guardian. You always do. No. Thank you. For everything you’ve done. I’m sorry, old friend. Seems that I have let the orcs into this world. The Fel, it has twisted me. I don’t even know what else I may have done. I just don’t remember. Everything I’ve thought to protect, I have Games Destroyed. I can’t control the Fel. No one can. KING LLANE: Five legions to block Deadwind Pass. Another here, here, and here, along Redridge Mountains. Supply lines here. While the Eastern Sea hems them in both south and east. If we hold these positions, we will be at our strongest. Containment. Until there is a better option, yes. And when there’s times as many? What then? If there were easy answers Games Our priority must be to stop the gate from opening. Fail there, and it’s just a matter of time before they beat us with sheer numbers. What do you suggest? Send everything we’ve got. Destroy the gate, free our people and end the immediate threat. And the orcs that remain? We’ll take care of them later. After they’ve ravaged the entire kingdom. My lords. KING LLANE: Medivh, you are up and well. I am. I feel Games Restored. KING LLANE: We need you. We’ve been agonizing over our options. Some of us believe there are no options. We need fresh eyes. I have news. I met with Durotan. You met with Durotan? MEDIVH: The rebellion against Gul’Dan is gaining strength. With their help, we can destroy this gate.

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